Thomas Sunderland Hawkins - Genealogy

We are continually working on tracing the ancestry of Thomas Sunderland Hawkins and his third wife, Sarah Davis. Our genealogist has just added three generations to the Hawkins line and over a thousand individual names to the Davis line. We will update the downloadable files whenever there has been significant progress. The files will be listed with a number and a date, so you can tell if any changes have been made since your last download.

Research on The Thomas Sunderland Hawkins line is being financed by the proceeds from sales of Thomas's biography, as specified by the author, Evelyn H. Hughes. Research on the Sarah Davis line is being financed by the Alfred Hawkins Family. Our genealogist, Karen Mitchell, who is a descendant of Thomas Hawkins and Sarah Davis has been very effective and is giving us an excellent return on our investment. We have no prejudice against wives Harriet Jones and Elizabeth Mears. We just have no way to pay for research on their lines. If descendants of these wives want to contribute funds for this research, we will be happy to undertake it. We will also include downloadable Jones and Mears genealogy files on this web site, if someone wants to provide them for us.

The genealogy files are in GEDCOM formats. If you have difficulty downloading files, contact our WebMaster.

Download -> Thomas Sunderland Hawkins line 12-1-03
Download -> Thomas Sunderland Hawkins /w Sarah Davis line 12-1-03

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